Professional advertising companies in Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct.

And also we will render full support your advertising companies.

About us

We're team of freelancers. We're offers for you innovation approach to developing your website. We're actually understand, what the objective for most projects - it is subsequent promote in TOP of issuing in the search engine and/or attract of users via advertising. Exactly because of that all of projects, developed by us, have a series of advantages from the point of view of conversion and subsequent SEO optimization, and also, considers current principles of online-marketing and usability.

How to be cheaper and higher than competitors, and pay less in Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct?

Quality of each ads.

Each search request of your client have to match with the ad without wasting the sense and be correctly written, and such requests, as a rule, from 300 to 20000, depending on demand and country, cities where is necessary to promote.

Amount of clicks in relation to ad impressions or just (CTR).

Each your ad have to be maximum large on search, respons to needs of client, has a UCO and with call for action. Then, it will be pressed more often, and mean, for Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct will more profitable to show you cheaper, than competitors.

Corresponding of website to advertising company.

In the bad settings of advertising company, your website will be searched and viewed at requests, which don't in relation with you, and you will overpay for views website of not your targeting audience.

Payment systems

Refund terms: You're able to request for the refund of didn't spended credits to the same wallet from which paid. Write to Provide your login in the system, amount of refund and the number of wallet. The refund will processed within 5 work days.